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Justin Heathcliff - Justin Heathcliff


"Long before attaining fame as a soundtrack composer and new age artist, Osamu Kitajima adopted a sufficiently Anglo pseudonym and released this amazing homage to British pop-psychedelia in 1971. Issued by Warner Bros. in Japan only, the LP has unsurprisingly climbed skywards in price ever since, and only a cave dweller could miss the faithful nods to Syd, Marc, John, Paul, George and Ringo in the original compositions and English lyrics. Osamu's ability around a studio was evident even then and the choice of genre to lovingly imitate predated the whole retro/'paisley' psych movement by about ten or fifteen years."

According to other stories, he used the name to try to gain sales in the American and British markets. With a Japanese name, he wasn't going to get the exposure in America and England that he would with an Anglo name.

He's Japanese through and through, but people wanted his album to sell.

He did change his name back and since that first album, he's done quite a bit of New Age material. This album, though, is the best thing he's done.

It's such a beautiful album.

Track List:
1. Let's All Sing Along
2. You All Should Think More
3. Hand in Hand
4. Which is True
5. Once It's Nice to Rise at Dawn
6. Lost are my Dreams
7. Sea
8. You Know What I Mean
9. A Tiny Island
10. Good Bye
11. Life
12. To Love in Peace
13. Love Makes the World Complete
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